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Irregular bleeding?

Hi there folks,

So I just recently started sleeping with a new guy, and the sex has been fine, didn't have too many issues in the very beginning. About a week before we first started having sex I was on my period and it ended before I began sleeping with him. First 3 times I slept with him there were no problems, but now it seems like every time after I have sex with him (or I'm masturbating) I start bleeding. I'll bleed for about a day, and then it will stop, and then come back 2-3 days later after sex. I looked up the possibilities for this, and there was a lot of stuff on STI's. I'm clear for all STI's so far and I always use condoms. I am a really petite girl though, and he's actually one of the larger guys I've slept with, is it possible he may have teared me? I'm just really concerned, not to mention it's a total bummer when after sex I look down at him, and he has blood on him. Thankfully, he's been really good about the whole situation.

Yeah, so this has never happened to me before, and so obviously I'm worried. Just wondering if anybody knows what this may be? I'm going to go to a walk-in clinic today and see if I can get some Doctor's input as well.
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