Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uti or yeast? Please help.

I went to Urgent Doc almost two weeks ago (the Friday before last) because I was displaying mild UTI symptoms and used an AZO test strip kit where I tested positive. My symptoms were off and on, and they never got really bad--I drank a ton of water and had some cranberry juice and the doctor said I may have kept the UTI at bay by doing that. In fact, after giving my urine sample, the doctor said it didn't look like an infection (it was pretty clear, no blood, etc) but they were going to do a culture and get back to me. In the mean time, I was given 3 days (6 pills) of Macrobid.

I still haven't gotten my results back :| So, I have no idea what's going on. And I've been calling, but every time, they tell me that they sent it off and Quest hasn't sent the results back. So, I don't know. Anyway, over the past two weeks, I've made sure to drink plenty of water and I've been fine. No symptoms, really. Two days ago, I wasn't able to drink as much water as I had been, and I got a strange urgency feeling and wasn't going as much when I did pee. I thought this was starting again, but after I drank a lot of water that night, I felt better and have felt fine all today. I bought more AZO strips and used one this morning--the top result (leukocytes) was positive, but the bottom (nitrites) was negative, which apparently suggests a UTI and tells me to test again, which I will do in the morning.

I've been really itchy down there the past few days. I have a pair of underwear from VS that, even though they've been washed multiple times, leave pink dye behind for me to see when I wipe. The underwear are pink, and I'm sure it's dye--definitely not blood or anything. I'm thinking the dye might have irritated something. I don't really have a lot of thick discharge or anything, just the itching.

Is there any way that a yeast infection could cause a positive leukocyte result on an AZO test strip? Or a yeast infection could be causing my symptoms entirely? What else could be going on? This is extremely frustrating and I just want to know what's up! I'm in the process of switching doctors and will hopefully be seeing a new one at the beginning of next week, but in the mean time I want to know if I should be going back to Urgent Doc, or if I can wait this out.        
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