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Discontinuing YI Treatment

Hi Superstars! This is a throwaway account... I'm a regular around here but I'd like to keep my anonymity intact for this question, forgive me :)

Anyway, I come with yet another yeast infection question. I did a google search, checked out the vulvapedia, and looked through the VP tags and didn't see anything that really addressed my question well... I apologize if I am just terrible at searching and feel free to point me to the correct post if I missed something!

So I had a series of "yeast infections" when I lived in Japan a couple years ago that were kind of a pain in the rear. The first one was definitely a YI - intense itchiness, clumpy discharge, bread-like smell, and as it was my first one ever, I went to the gyno and had it confirmed. Also, in Japan you can't get OTC treatment for them, so I returned to him every time I had any kind of symptoms, in order to get medication. Now the thing is, I had these issues several times a year, and he just assumed it was the same infection re-appearing. Usually it was just a case of itchiness and increased discharge, not necessarily clumpy, just an increase, and a change in smell, though not usually bread-like. And I admit there was a bit of a language barrier so I never really had a full grasp on what was going on during my visits; usually he would just take a look and confirm it on a visual inspection, though he did do a culture swab more than once. And the thing is, those swabs showed no yeast!  Which makes me suspicious if it was really a YI after that first initial one.

I ended up treating each bout of itchiness/ increase in discharge (just regular discharge, not clumpy or anything) with the YI treatment he gave to me (when he did give it to me, the times he did a swab and saw no yeast he just sent me home), and then when I came back to the US last year had another "flare up" that I went in to Planned Parenthood for. The nurse there examined me and said it looked like a YI, but when she did a wet mount there was no yeast there. So I basically didn't do anything but just wait it out.

In the spring I had another bout with it, and this time just self-medicated with monistat, the 7-day cream. Which burned like blazes, but when I finished it the symptoms were gone. Whether that was due to the medication or not, I don't know.

So now here I am and once again I've got an intermittent, mildly itchy vulva, increase in (non-clumpy) discharge, and kind of a peculiar smell. It's not yeast or bread-like, but just, not my usual. I went in to PP again, actually for an unrelated reason, I wanted to start HBC and also got a screening for chlamydia and ghonorrea (haven't gotten the results yet), as I've been with a few new partners recently, and I asked about the increased discharge and itching. She said it just sounded like a YI... the STI tests are done with a urine sample so there was no reason for me to get undressed/ on the table. There was no physical exam.

So I went out and got some of the 7-day treatment again and just started it 2 days ago. But after researching a bit on vulvapedia, I'm skeptical it's actually a YI and thinking it might be something more along the lines of Cytolytic Vaginosis or perhaps BV.

Here's the question: First, does that sound like a YI to you? And if not, will it be bad if I stop the YI treatment after 2 days? Everybody always says you're supposed to finish the full course of any medication to avoid creating drug-resistant strains, but if I don't actually have a YI, do I still need to finish it? Or can I stop it and try something else? I'm currently without health insurance, so avoiding another office visit would be preferred as I have to pay for it myself and I'm not exactly rolling in cash at the moment. Of course, I am definitely willing to go if trying to tackle this myself is an unwise/ risky decision.

Thanks guys! This is such a wonderful community :)
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