descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pre-Period Spotting with IUD

Hello my lovelies,

I have had Dexter (my Flexi-T 300) for a little over six months now. Up until last month, I couldn't have been more pleased with how things were going (my sex drive came back, I'm losing weight and my migraines are gone) but now I'm getting this annoying spotting that starts six/seven days before my period is due. I'm pretty regular (which was a pleasant surprise), with a 28 day cycle but now on day 22 or 23, I'm starting to spot and carrying through til the true bleeding starts. It's annoying. I've tried vitamin E and it doesn't seem to do much and I don't want to have to swallow ibuprofen like candy every month.

I went to my local natural health store to find myself some shepard's purse and yarrow. They looked at me like I was nuts and said they'd have to special order it for me. I figured what the hell and ordered a box of yarrow tea and one of shepard's purse tea. Any recommendations as to dosing/frequency/when should I start taking it/any other help?

Thanks all!

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