Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help Please....

Hi Everyone!

I'm quite new here and also this will be me first post with an additional worry of mine. So that is one reason why i'm posting; but the other one is that i feel like this is a really nice community.
A bit of an additional information about me would be that my nickname is KTO, i'm  19 and i moved away from my home country because of my university studies. Also i'm definately not the most experienced person especialy when it comes to sex life, since i actually started living a regular sex life few months ago, when i got together with my boyfriend.

So the problem part would be that last thursday my boyfriend got all crazy about me, but he didn't have protection, neither me. Despite that fact we still slept together, and he ejaculated on my back. After he told me that he is quite experienced in this since he didn't use protection with his ex gf while they have been together for 5 years, and that she didn't get pregnant. But still the fact that we did it without protection is really bothering me, and i'm afraid that i might have gotten pregnant. I should mention that i don't take contraception pills, because my gyno didn't recommend to take them yet. But when i get back to my country i'm definately going to take a visit to my gyno.

The second part of my worry is that i hesitated to take the day after pill, since my period is already bad (comes all over the place, and is never on time) and i got the information about that the day after pill would make it even worse. Eventually though i took the pill today morning. I know the 3 days have passed, and i should have taken them earlier, but my fear towards that i would totally ruin my hormone system way bigger than i thought. I heard that the day after pill gives an effect right away, and has bad side effects like throwing up and starting my period, but for me nothing happened. I mean no feeling sick, my period hasn't started, nothing.

I'm really gatting scared that why is that? Could that be a reason that these pills have different effect on everyone, and that might be the reason why nothing happened yet? Could that be that i might be pregnant? Also what to do in a situation like this? Should i just wait?
Please i'd really need your help, because i'm scared and really puzzled about this, and don't want to get pregnant.

Thanks in advance

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