bluvalentine (bluvalentine) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late BC and Pregnancy Risks


Last week I wrote a post about a bad experience I had ( ). The support I received from everyone was so helpful. I appreciate it so much.

Unfortunately I'm still stressing out. While a couple of posters said pregnancy was unlikely, I'm literally sick with the thought of it. What's compounding the stress is the fact that I've messed up my birth control habits. Twice during this cycle of pills, I have forgotten to take my pill at my scheduled time and have instead taken it 8-10 hours later, in the morning when I realized I had forgotten it. Has this diminished the chances of the BC working?

I feel like I sound crazy, since the man did not ejaculate on/near me and he did not fully penetrate me, but the stress from the thought of pregnancy has been indescribable. My breasts have been achy and I have been feeling cramping since that day as well. I can't remember if my breasts were sore before the encounter... it's a strong possibility they were, but my brain is so muddled since that night I'm not sure. I am very sensitive to BC and have had some reactions to it (this is only my 3rd month on the pill) but I can't ever remember the cramps I've gotten the past week or so. Part of me thinks all this is related to stress, but again I'm not sure. 
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