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Links and resources for newlyweds

I have a friend who is newly married (about a month now). They were both virgins til their honeymoon, which I think is sweet (and good on 'em for having the endurance to wait 8D;). When she was newly engaged, we discussed a little about some things she might expect in the bedroom (all in generalized terms of course), and ways she could make herself comfortable with her own body and sexuality, and with the idea of sex in general (since she's not generally one to talk about these things). I shared with her this community, and also the Vagina Pagina site. She's checked out another similar site as well (I think it's got clitoris in the url or page name? I can't remember :x). What I'm wondering is if there are any further links that would be helpful for newlyweds as they discover their sex life together.

Thanks so much in advance everyone! :D
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