gone. (nueva_alba) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very small hard lump down there

Hi there,

So a few months ago, while shaving, I felt a lump on the outer lips down there. It's literally tiny, sometimes it's hard to feel it at all. A few days ago, I was trying to have a better look at it. It's quite far back on the lips, which makes it harder to see clearly, especially because it is so small. I'm not positive, but I thought it was more flesh-coloured when I first noticed it, only now it looks quite dark. It's not sore or itchy or anything, it's just there.

Now I'm panicking that I have genital warts or something. I am sexually active with my boyfriend of almost 10 months, I am the first person he's had any form of sexual contact with and we always use a condom. Before that, I had had sex with one other person, about 14 months ago and we also used a condom.

This little lump is the only thing there, there's not a cluser of them or anything. It's very raised, but smooth and it's literally tiny. Any idea what it could be?

I've also been suffering from what I believe is BV for the best part of three years. I haven't taken any antibiotics because I don't like them, plus the side effects and the low success rate of them for treating BV puts me off them completely. Instead I've just been trying a lot of natural remedies, all which are effective if I keep up with them on a daily basis. I know it's highly unlikely, but my BV wouldn't have caused this little lump, would it?

I'm also pretty much petrified of the doctors, to the point where the only time I am ever there (no matter how ill I am) is for my checkups when my BC prescription is due (and even that causes a great deal of anxiety). Ideally, I would like to avoid going there at all costs if it's possible. Can any of you suggest what this may be?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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