tabitha renee (lightsabove) wrote in vaginapagina,
tabitha renee

Period Symptoms

I hate to ask things that have been ask multiple times, but I'm getting annoyed with my body.

I switched to NuvaRing last month, and obviously I don't have my 'normal' period because I went from one birth control (the Pill) to the ring. My symptoms are horrible. My ovaries are punching me in the sides, I was freezing easily, and I got a fever. I felt dizzy, lightheaded, and even though I hate a good lunch, drinked a lot of water, it didn't help.

I could be sick, although I felt fine yesterday.

Does your period make it easier to get sick? Are the things above period symptoms? I seem to only get them when I'm on my period.

I had an examination (no pap smear, didn't need that) last month. She said everything looked fine down there, and they were really nice. (Love the clinic!) She checked my iron levels, and they were a few points below what she wanted. I've been taking vitamins and trying to eat 'iron-rich' foods since then (hard to on a very small budget, but I think I'm doing well).

Should I see if I somehow have an issue with iron when I'm just on my period?

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