Rebeccagrace (rebeccagrace) wrote in vaginapagina,

Irregular period and abdominal pain (possible cyst?)

Hello VPers,

I'm having a weird period this cycle and I am looking for some opinions. 

I am currently TTC and had an anovulatory cycle this past month (according to my temps). The cycle lasted about 40 days, then a few weeks ago I started spotting. This happened off and on for a few weeks, then my hubby and I had sex last Friday, and I started bleeding more after that, almost like a normal period, but not quite. Later that night I started having this sort of twisting, pinching pain around the area of my right ovary, (but no menstrual cramps or sore breasts like I usually get with a period, just a sore abdomen). It's been going on since then, off and on. Also, the bleeding has become heavier, just like a normal period, over the past few days. I am not bleeding an excessive amount or anything, but the pain concerns me because I have PCOS and I am wondering if I had a cyst that ruptured when I had sex on Friday. I haven't been on any fertility meds for a few months, but when I was on Clomid this past summer it caused a few large cysts to form, even though I did ovulate on it. As far as I know they went away on their own, like my doctor said they would, but now I'm afraid I have another one that has burst this time. Should I call my doctor? Can a ruptured cyst be serious? I've never had one rupture as far as I know, so I am clueless about this. Thank you for any advice you can offer! 
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