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Bleeding X 1 month s/p D&C

Good evening everyone. I am joining this community because I am at a loss of what to do. I had a D&C one month ago (on the 10th) and I am STILL bleeding. I had a miscarriage, and after 2 weeks of waiting for my body to expel the remains, I just couldn't wait any longer and decided the D&C would be the best route. After the D&C I was given a contraction medication (Metha-something???), Vicodin, and antibiotics.

Well, three days after the D&C I went into the ER because of significant pain and significant bleeding. They did an ultrasound, a urinalysis, and a CBC. The ultrasound showed no remaining "product," my urinalysis showed a UTI, and the CBC was within normal limits. The ER treated me for the pain and UTI, and told me to follow up with my OB. I followed up 2 days later, still in significant pain and still significant bleeding. The OB gave me more contraction medications and another antibiotic on top of the one I was taking. (They were treating me for an infection, "just in case.") Two days later, I had severe pain and bleeding (STILL) and called the on call doctor - who gave me a prescription of Estrogen pills on top of that. These pills made the pain stop, and the bleeding lessen to that of a heavy period instead of gushing blood.

I followed up with my primary OB about a week or so later, who then decided that perhaps my problem is hormonal, and put me on a high dose of bc pills. First 3 days, I had to take 3 bc pills. After that I had to take 1 bc pill twice a day, and then after that, take 1 bc pill once a day. With the higher bc dosage, the bleeding was at a minimum. I would need to change my pad, oh... every couple of hours, and more for sanitary reasons than because of soaking through them. Once I was on the dosage of 2 pills/day, the bleeding became only slightly heavier, having to change the pad once every couple hours because the pad was used up. Well now, on 1 pill/day for about a week now, I need to change my pad every 2 hours or so because they are full.

I called my OB's office today to see if this is normal but the doctor had already left for the day when I called so they won't be returning my call until tomorrow.

I am so tired of bleeding all the time. I am surprised I haven't gotten a blood transfusion or something. I am exhausted all the time, I am getting headaches all the time, I am freezing all the time. My appetite has decreased. I am showing obvious signs of anemia obviously.

I am just.. sick and tired of bleeding. I just want to get well again. Has anyone ever gone through a miscarriage or D&C and then it took them a long time to stop bleeding??? Do you guys have any idea what I should ask my doctor or what I should do? I am starting to think I need to find a new doctor because they are just playing a guessing game and throwing different pills at me, none of which have "cured" the problem. Not to mention I don't want to be on birth control for very long because it makes me very bitchy, and I would like to get pregnant again within a few months.

I'm sorry if this is long, thank you for your time.
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