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How in gods green earth can I dilate my cervix for my Mirena

Hi, I'm 20 and I attempted to get an IUD put in.
So, I was given the misoprostol, didn't dilate at all. She used several different sized scopes to try and get a measurement and none of them would go in. She sprayed lidocaine in my vagina and on my cervix, then injected it and asked me if I wanted her to continue because I was crying from the stinging/burning of the injection and the cramping of her trying to
enter my cervix. I opted to continue. After about an hour she gave up because she said if you force it, it can rupture the uturen wall and need to be removed surgically...so now I have to wait for my period.
I have had no children, I have schizoaffective disorder and oral contraceptives aren't an option for me because the hormones have led to serious emotional consequences, condoms give me UTI's like clock-work, and nuvaring has the same hormones as same hormones as most pills.
I'm trying to trigger a period by taking birth control for a few days,(I'm sure that's stupid) norethindrone, and im trying to soften my cervix by listening to Dr. Google....(feel free to tell me I'm an idiot, I'm really unfamiliar with this territory....) I'm taking evening primrose oil, borage oil, flax oil, zinc, and b complex orally in the morning, and primrose and borage vaginally in the morning, then primrose, borage, and flax orally at night, along with primrose and borage vaginally at night. When my period starts I will call her and try again...Has anyone had my experience?

Has anyone just NOT been able to get an IUD in?
Is borage and primrose oil worthwhile?
I'm feeling very hopeless. If all else fails my fiance already has an appointment to consult with for a visectomy.

My IUD (mirena) implantation failed. I am 20, I have never had
children. The misoprostol didn't dilate my cervix. I'm now trying to
ripen my own cervix with evening primrose oil, borage oil, flax oil,
zinc, and B complex. Thoughts? Experiences? Successes? Failures?
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