tinyblackswan (tinyblackswan) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed pill, broken condom, help me!

vagpaggers, please please help me!

I've been on the pill for a week (started last sunday) but i forgot to take it on thursday and didn't remember until friday night. I also forgot to take it last night. Last night I had sex and everything was fine. This morning I just found a piece of the condom inside me. I am freaking out. I can't get plan B because I live in asia and it's hard to get. I am on microgynon 30 which i know you can use as emergency contraception if you take 4 pills then 4 pills 12 hours later. I've done this before. Should I do this now? Will it work?

Please help me, I can't get pregnant right now. I'm freaking out.

edited to add- should i take 5 pills now, including the one i should have taken last night, and then 5 pills this evening including the one i should take in the evening anyway? or should i just take 4 and 4, and then tomorrow go back to taking it normally?
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