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I feel like i did something wrong

So I have a beautiful baby girl who is 18 weeks ( 4 and a a half months) old. She is gorgeous. My problem is this. My boyfriend, her daddy, doesnt really want much to do with me in any sort of physical way. No kissing, snuggling, sex nothing. And this isnt exactly new. 

I should explain, we dated for only three months before we discovered we were a month and a half pregnant. But we've been friends MUCH longer, the dating thing was just new for us. Anywho, we used to have sex all the friggin time. I mean it was nearly an everyday occurance. And we would always kiss or cuddle. But around my fourth month of pregnancy it all came to a sudden stop. No slowing down. Just a stop out of nowhere.

I tried mentioning it to him but he dismissed it and said I was still very attractive in his eyes but he was just tired. At seven months pregnant I discovered he had naked pictures of a very attractive ex on his computer (hooters girl) and I had noticed that for two months even though he was "so tired" he would either stay up til I fell asleep on his game or he would wait til he thought I was asleep and then masturbate.

I have been back to my old 118lbs size 3 self for two months now and he still wont touch me. Can I ask what I did wrong here? I should mention he did watch our daughter being born. But he swears it's had no effect on him other then to appreciate what I can do more.

He's a great guy and I love him. But he's also a bartender with late hours, hours that seem to be getting ridiculously late if you catch my drift. when I was preg I would go see him at closing and we were home by 3AM, but the nights I didnt go sit with him he ddnt get home until 4:45am. Now that I can't go see him since baby is sleeping he's back to getting off work at midnight and not getting home until two. We live ten mintues away from his work. And I don't see how a guy goes from wanting and getting it 5 days a week to only wanting it once every other month. and I guess its also important to mention it used to last an hour and a half. Im now lucky if my bi monthly screw lasts even ten mintues.

HELP please. I need to know how to handle this
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