jellooo_girl (jellooo_girl) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed period but not pregnant?

History: I have been taking HBC (microgestin Fe 1/20) for about 4 years consistently. 3 weeks on 1 week off...always get my period on the placebo week (no more than a day or so late if at all).

So the last pack I went to get from the pharmacy I was informed that they no longer had my HBC so I was switched to another broand (Junel Fe 1/20). They seemed comparable so I didn't think anything if it. I'm pretty good about taking my pills every morning (I would say like 90%) and my guy NEVER finishes inside me.

Well, my period was supposed to start last sunday and it didn't. It is now one week later and I'm restarting a new pack with no period at all. I took pregnancy tests on day 5 of my missed period and today (day 7) both VERY negative. Took the last one in the morning and everything. The only other factor is I have been dealing with finals this past week and next week, but truthfully I don't feel overly stressed with that more than any other day at school. I don't have any other pregnancy now what? Do I just believe the test and move on??? Could it be the switch in pills?
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