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Scared about Cervarix

So the other day (Wednesday) I went to the gyno and she got me hooked up with a new form of HBC and also suggested I do the Cervarix thing. Since I don't want cervical cancer, and want to be protected to a degree (well, the degree to which I can be protected), I said okay.

So on Friday I pick up the shot from the drugstore, and they tell me that I have to keep it refrigerated and make an appointment with my doctor to have it injected by him. I haven't made the appointment yet, as it's the weekend, but now I'm not sure I want to.

Last night my friend came over and I casually mentioned that I'm going to take Cervarix and she started freaking me out by telling me that a lot of girl have gotten brain damage from it and like severe paralysis, etc. So obviously now I'm too scared to use it, after I paid for it and everything.

Anyways, so my questions are:

How valid do you think her claims are? Has anyone here had a positive (well, normal, no problems) experience with this vaccine? Anyone know anyone with negative experiences with this?

Thanks for any and all responses. I didn't really want to google it too much because I'm afraid of reading something that's totally bogus or whatever and believing it.
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