Mika Haeli Arctilinx (mikahaeli8) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mika Haeli Arctilinx

Odd bleeding

Good evening everybody (well, it's evening where I am at least), I was wondering if you could help me figure this out.

For the last two months almost immediately after my periods, I've experienced some sort of bleeding. It's nothing to do with the period themselves - there's usually a 24/ 48hr gap - and I've only discovered it after going to the toilet. It's not heavy either - it's more like light spotting, or like someone's drawn on my toilet tissue with a red crayon. Last month, when it first happened, I found a series of small cuts on my outer labia (REALLY not sure where they came from) and was just careful to not be too hard on wiping my bottom until they healed up.

This time, there's no cuts. That I can see anyway.

I'm a sexually active 19-year old, always been pretty sensitive down there, and it could be connected with the sanitary towel allergy I seem to have (which I need to see someone about...), but...I don't know. It's also been six weeks since I had sex, and I found the cuts a couple of weeks beforehand, but...yeah.

Any help would be appreciated. I know I should probably see someone about it, but...I just wondered if anyone on here knew.

Thanks for your help,

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