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Cost of STD Testing

Hello VPers! 

I am about to engage in a "friends with benefits" situation with a guy I met who is a virgin. I have had two previous sexual partners, both I had, had sex with without using condoms off and on. While they both previously had sex partners, only one of them didn't use condoms with his previous sex partner. He's sure that his previous sex partner did use condoms with her previous sex partner (as he lost his virginity to her). Neither of them have experienced symptoms either.

I haven't experienced any symptoms at all, but I want to do the responsible thing and get tested. Unfortunately, I am strapped for cash in the worst ways and cannot afford anything over $100 bucks any time soon. I do plan to get a job soon to help save up and in the mean time I plan to use condoms with my new partner if we are to engage in sexual activity. I want to know if there is a place that can give STD testing for free or on the side of cheap so that I can know for sure that I'm healthy. 

I was also wondering if you have other blood tests done, would they pick up on something like HIV even if you aren't testing for that? I've been having my blood tested for hormones and such lately and was wondering if they'd see something like that. 

Another thing I was wondering about is if it was safe to give my new partner a blow job before getting tested or if there was a high risk of passing something to him orally (I haven't had any mouth legions or discharges or anything of that nature). 

Thank you for your time! 

EDIT: I should include (thank you to the first comment) I live in Philadelphia. I have found a website for Safe Guards and while I'm not sure about my sexual orientation, my partners thus far have been male. Would that exclude me from getting tested with them (it's an LGBT run service). 

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