Ann Marie (iconotakeu) wrote in vaginapagina,
Ann Marie

a question for older women or anyone with info

I am 42 and I see a big difference now in regard to my vaginal discharge when aroused. I know I will never have what I had at 20 or 30 but it's not the same, during arousal I do have discharge (depending on my level of arousal this may be little to a lot) mostly it's somewhere in between but I've found that after the fact (after orgasm, no matter what state of arousal) it comes out a lot sometimes leaving me to think where were you during. I have no idea why this is and was wondering why this is and if any other women who are in my age range experience this.

Also, I've always heard women peek at 40 which was not my case at all. My sex drive was the strongest between 13 and early 30s - is this "peeking at 40" a myth? I know women who have told me "oh at 40 and beyond I became so sexual and my sex drive went through the roof" which is not true for me at all.

Also I was never one for cuddling, though if a partner wanted to cuddle I did, but now I'm more into cuddling and being sensual. I still love sex don't get me wrong but the experience of sex includes things I never felt was really necessary for me. People have always told me my outlook on sex was more male than female which I agree with, so all this is something that's very foreign to me, thus it's confusing as to why I feel this way now.

I was told by my doctor it could be the start of menopause, I often wonder if in 10 years will I be dried up and just want to cuddle which is a frightening thought.

Any women have advice, information or any older women who are willing to share would be very helpful? Because I do worry about this.
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