retronymical (retronymical) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anal sex

I realize I just posted today, but I have another question. I hope this is alright. I looked for similar posts, however I have a bit more information/questions surrounding mine.

I am really hoping to have anal sex with my boyfriend--it's sort of a Christmas present to both of us as we've both been wanting it for a bit. Now, what I would like to know are the risks of anal sex without a condom. First and foremost I should say that we are NOT going to go from anal to vaginal and that we are both free of STDs. I'm not letting him anywhere near that until he is cleaned. What is the best way he could clean himself after anal? Also, before anal I plan on giving myself an enema. We plan on using plenty of lube too (most likely Astroglide).

Now I have had anal sex with a partner before without a condom or an enema--and I got a yeast infection a couple of times. However, that person wasn't exactly cleanly and was a bit abusive so I'd prefer not to talk about that. I am however used to the aftermath of having to death with sperm after ejaculation so that isn't really a problem.

Basically I want to know the risks and whether an enema is effective at preventing some of them. I have one last question as well--is it possible for women to orgasm from anal sex? Any first had experiences? Thanks.
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