bustyarhymes (bustyarhymes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chronic clitoral pain

This is a long term problem I have had ever since I was a virgin. One side of my clitoris is very painful to the touch. When I first discovered the problem, about a year ago, there was a inflammed bump where the pain was, and upon seeing a doctor, was tested negative for all STDs. I was given antibiotics which got rid of the bump, but the pain remained. I have attempted to pull back the clitoral hood and scrape it (very painful procedure) and there was no smegma. (The strange thing is my glans is always exposed unless I manually pull the hood to cover it).

I feel like I have tried everything to figure out the problem. I am not certain whether this is a sensitivity issue that is unfixable, or whether it's some form of vulvovaginitis, or something else. Oral sex and clitoral stimulation are not pleasurable because the pain is unbearable. Doctors have been puzzled as much as I have so I am taking it to this community. Any one experience this, and any advice to deal with it? Thankyou.
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