Strawberry Latte (strawberrylatte) wrote in vaginapagina,
Strawberry Latte

Heyy everyone, this is a real long shot because i've seen 6 doctors now and none of them can agree on what i have or more importantly, what to do about it!
Quite far into my 2nd pregnancy [around 7 months gone] i walked a hell of a lot and ran around after my toddler, totally wore myself out and started to bleed quite a bit. Ofcourse i was worried but not overly as i'd already bled 3 times in this pregnancy and each time it had been just a scare.
So i went to the toilet to take a quick check before calling my midwife, but found a growth coming from inside :( about the size of a cherry, maybe a tad bigger. VERY scary!
So i rang the hospital and went straight up, weeks later the dr's had given me different explanations, different stories and different ways of dealing with it.. all contradicting each other!
The very last dr i saw was a senior expert and she told me the growth would dissapear soon after childbirth if i exercised the area as you do after birth anyway.

My daughter has just turned one, and although less often, the problem still re-appears every now and then. It seems to fall out when i have been walking a lot or running. 

Not idea what it is, can't find anything on the interenet. PLEASE HELP >_<
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