gamuzadma (gamuzadma) wrote in vaginapagina,

not an update, a question. lol

So now that I'm having sex with my boyfriend, I have some questions. 
I can't use birth control because they make me severely depressed, and I don't want to have to use an anti-depressant along with it.
We've been using condoms with nonoxyl-9 on them, do you think that will work to prevent pregnancy? (He's got no STD's, so don't talk about how it can protect/not protect against them lol)
Also, yesterday we did it, and he went in once without a condom on because we couldn't really get him in with the condom on at first. I got my period today, so there's no chance that could have gotten me pregnant right? Because I know sex without a condom, (even if he "pulls out") can lead to pregnancy... Thanks :)
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