kayorr11 (kayorr11) wrote in vaginapagina,

no period after switching to nuvaring

Hey guys,
I was wondering if its normal to be late or even skip a period the first month on nuvaring. I was previously on norinyl 1+35 with no real incident. According to the pamphlet that I received with my nuvaring, I could switch from my previous bc to nuvaring without being unprotected any days (even my doctor told me this). Currently I've been off my ring for 2 whole days (today would be the third), with minor cramping, when I usually would have my period on my second off day (while on the pill). I took my ring out late (no more than 2 hours) but from what i understood, that would not have affected my protection. I have taken two pregnancy tests, one yesterday and one this morning first thing, and they both were negative. Is this normal or should I be concerned of pregnancy?
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