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Antibiotic and birth control

Okay, so this may be a really stupid question, but my google-fu is failing me tonight and I can't find any back posts on it here. 

Now I know you have to use a back up method of contraceptive while on antibiotics and birthcontrol, but what I can't find is when can you stop using it? Can it be right after you stop (meaning the day after, not say 20 minutes after taking the last pill) or should you wait a few days just to be sure? I want to make sure, because I hate using condoms, they hurt and just make sex very unpleasing. And although I wouldn't really mind getting pregnant, my fiancee is not ready for a baby just yet, (we lost out son at 23 weeks preg. in August) and I do not blame him. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. =] 
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