Amber (apple) wrote in vaginapagina,

HPV likelihood and IUDs & periods

Hey guys! I've been wondering for quite awhile what is the likelihood of getting HPV from giving or receiving oral sex.

I've had the Gardasil vaccine, but sexual transmission of HPV is still something I think about, especially since there are no perfect tests for it. I'm not even completely certain if there are any tests for it, actually. Either way, what is the likelihood of getting HPV from oral and what are the possibilities of passing it on?

I'm assuming vaginal or anal sex with a condom would help prevent HPV transmission, but I know it's still a possibility.

Also, I've been considering getting an IUD. I'd love to get one, especially if it mostly eliminates my period, but I know if it doesn't, you're not supposed to use a menstrual cup with the IUD. Has anyone done this or have any advice on how to make a decision. I can't deal with a period without a menstrual cup, but no pills or rings would be fantastic, and no period would be very nice, too!

Thanks so much!
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