Tori (_oceansong_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bringing Plan B Overseas

Hello all!

I am in a long-distance relationship and will be spending two weeks with my boyfriend in Germany next month. I have decided not to start any HBC since I'm not having sex regularly, but my gyno went ahead and wrote me a prescription for Plan B so I could bring it over with me and have it at the ready should condoms fail us (we had sex using condoms for four months without problems, but having this extra peace of mind will help!).

I've never flown with a prescription medication before, let alone flown international with one... is there any reason I would have trouble flying with this? It's available only by prescription in Germany. Would I need any special documentation?

Thank you all!

[ side note: I had no idea how absurdly expensive it is - $50 with insurance! I have such a greater appreciation for what a hardship it can be for some people to acquire it when they really need it D: ]
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