some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (plasticpepper) wrote in vaginapagina,
some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

Can you identify this contraption I saw in my gyno's exam room?

Hi all!

My former gynecologist's practice recently closed down so I had to switch to a new place, and I had my first appointment there a while back. The exam room I was in contained some sort of...apparatus...that I didn't recognize and I'm super curious, so I thought I'd see if you guys could identify it!

At the time I memorized every detail of it so I could describe it well, and of course I've forgotten it all, but the two main things I remember were a sort of shallow dish and a curved strip with three balls on top.

I no longer remember the exact layout of this thing or how those two pieces related to each other spatially, but the entire contraption was probably about the height of the exam table/bed/thing. It was made of wood and black metal rather than stainless steel or anything else I would usually associate with medical facilities, so I'm almost wondering if it could be some old-fashioned thing they just had around for decor the same way my dentist has an old-fashioned dentist's chair on display. But who knows, it could be some very common thing that everyone but me knows about and I'm just making myself look dumb right now. :P

Anyway, I was so curious about this thing while I was waiting for the PA, so I thought I'd see if any of you guys could satisfy my curiosity!
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