speshal_kay (speshal_kay) wrote in vaginapagina,

male yeast infection!

hey everyone!
i read the YI page and tried a little search but can't exactly find what i'm looking for!

so about 3 months ago i had a YI and passed it onto my boyfriend before i knew i had it.. he only gets home every 2 weeks so he it's really hard for him to see a doctor! but he's tried two creams so far and they're not working.  the one he's trying now is a prescription cream that says vaginal cream on it.. ? i dunno, but either way, it doesn't seem to be going away. is there anything he can try for an at-home remedy that might work better/faster? he said it's still a little bit red but not as bad as it used to be. i'm going to see a dr on dec 1 for a pap/testing/ask a million questions.. i'm going to call to see if he can come with me so he can get it looked at again! 
but yeah! i was wondering if any of these yogourt, garlic, or tea tree oil things work on males? would oral aphidophilus work? any suggestions would be greattttt! 

ps: i read the YI page, and it said on there that condoms don't protect against YI's? we've been using condoms since and i haven't gotten it back.. but we were both checked prior to each other and have no sti's.. also when i had the YI, it went away with canesoral (or how ever you spell that single oral pill you buy OTC now..)  Thanks in advance!
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