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Quick HBC Question

My mind must be fuzzy after all the time off this week, because I just realized I forgot to pick up my refill for Yaz today! Today was my last placebo day, so I then thought I could pick it up tomorrow morning (they open at nine), but I forgot that they need 2 and 1/2 hours to get it in. I start work at 10 AM and the earliest I could get it from the store is 11 AM then. :/

I checked the top 20 questions, where it said: 
"For those taking combined oral contraceptives, perhaps the best method to change pill time is to wait until after the placebo week and the beginning of a new pack. If you plan to take your pill earlier, you can still do this on your normal day; however, if you plan to take your pill at a later time, we recommend doing so one day earlier so that you don't extend your hormone-free week beyond 7 days."

But I guess I'm still a little confused (I'm new to HBC, only a few months in, always remembered until now.) I usually take my HBC at 9:30 AM. I get that I could go and pick it up around 11 AM/11:30 and take it immediately and still be okay (yes?), but if I picked it up later than that-say, one or two, would that be worse/lower my HBC's effectivity dramatically? Or would it stay the same, as this is my first day re-starting hormone pills and it doesn't matter what time I take them as long as I take HBC at some point that day?

Also: once I took my HBC at say, eleven AM tomorrow, could I just move taking it back by an hour each day until I got back to taking it at 9:30 AM? Again, would this hurt my HBC's effectivity?
Sorry if this question has been asked multiple times, I guess I would just like a little bit more explanation. :/
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