gamuzadma (gamuzadma) wrote in vaginapagina,

update: SUCCESS!

Well after so much time of vagina problems, surgery, pills, trying and failing at sex with my boyfriend.... it finally happened! :)
We were fooling around in his bed like usual and he asked if I wanted to attempt sex again. (This being the third time) I said yes, but the pain was excruciating. After that things got a little awkward because I got upset and didn't want to continue what we had started. But then after a little bit of him trying to cheer me up and talking, we started messing around again. I decided we had to do it because it would hurt either way, so (without a condom) made sure we were both nice and wet and I got him in. It only hurt for a second, and then he pulled out right away, put a condom on, and we continued. No pain after that, (it actually felt kinda good) and no blood. It only lasted about a minute, but it was amazing, and I'm so so happy we can actually do it now. It made us so much closer and it wasn't awkward at all. Thank you all for your amazing support through all this and all your help :) 
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