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Mirena Switch

Hello! I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. I had mirena inserted (will be 2 years ago in feb 2012) after the birth of my second child. Since I went straight from pregnancy to mirena (6 weeks in between) and nursed the first year I had mirena, it's hard for me to distinguish where my symptoms are coming from. I'm starting to lean towards blaming mirena because I stopped nursing in march and everything has stayed the same annoying symptom wise.

My main complaints:
1) ACNE!! It's awful. I'm broken out constantly. Sometimes it's painful. It's pretty much all over my face and I have tried switching cleansers, washing pillowcases, and dermatologist prescribed topicals (differin, retin a, and clindamycin)

2) sex drive is gone. I have a 7 year age difference between my kids and I was on yaz for the majority of that time with a very healthy sex drive. It vanished during pregnancy and has not come back :(

3) this could be unrelated but I'm going to throw it out there and see if anyone has experienced something similar. I have a really weird scalp problem that also extends to my face sometimes. At the end of each Hair follicle is a little hard whitish a tiny grain of rice. I've googled and found that it can be a type of overactive sebaceous glands. I get these on my face around my hairline too, in addition to cystic acne. Could this be related to mirena as well? I didn't have it before!!

4) I just haven't felt "right". I'm not as easy going of a person as I once was (ask my husband! Lol)

So, I'm seriously considering getting the mirena removed ASAP. I'd need a different form of bc and I'm hoping to find one that will help me with these symptoms. Since I was fine on yaz before, should I switch back? Has anyone here ever switched from mirena to another form of bc? What did you choose and how were the results?

Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!

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