Luna (ninimoon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hey superstars me again!

Hello everyone! It's another one of those pregnancy posts that get kind of annoying =P

Sooo I had my period last month again all weird like. It was light and then heavy and then light and cramps galore everywhere. Seriously crazyyyyy cramps! I hadn't had cramps like that in ages. Anywayyyy my question is a) does birthcontrol really eventually make your periods lighter/shorter? Because before it was like almost 4 days long and this time it was more like two days of bleeding with two more days of light bleeding (more than spotting but not a lot more) and the blood was dar red mostly. Alsooo b) if you are pregnant and have desidual bleeding should that come with cramps? I'm not talking mild cramps but more like needin to sit down and shut up because it hurts so bad kind of cramps. I take my pills every evenin at 6 pm sharp every day was only mildly late one day that I puked three times (stomach flu) and took it 11 hours later but obviously no sexy time happened for a few days since I was ill and icky. Antibiotics were adminstered and even though they weren't ones to interact with my birth control pills (generic form of ortho-cyclen, hasn't changed for over a year) we still used the pull out methode during that time. My period came on time after the illness (it either comes on a monday or tuesday) but it was short (like described above). I haven't had any other pregnancy symptoms and am expecting my period this coming monday buuuut seeing as I had a weird period I just want to make sure before spending my money on a pregnancy test (don't live in the US so no access to dollar stores =( ).
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