Eleanor (girlwithagrin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Thrush to BV and back again

I have spent the last few years with an unhappy vagina.

It started with a yeast infection about five years ago, and since I have had several more, then a period of what I thought was BV but it never showed up on swabs. When I switched from Cilest to the Mirena, the yeast infections stopped being monthly but recently it's just been incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. I had swabs again which this time did show BV (another annoyance in my ladypart world: I have ovarian cysts and I want an ultrasound because I can feel them and they are incredibly painful, but every doctor I see makes me do swabs first in case it's an infection. Having had 4 screenings this year, it is not an infection. It's a huge tennis ball size cyst, please take it out of me!).

So I've done a course of antibiotics. It feels itchy again. I'm fed up. I have spent the last week reading about boric acid but the idea of using something that kills cockroaches on my ladybits is a bit scary (I mean, I have a reason to be angry at her but I don't want to kill her ha!). 

I am in the UK so not sure the best place to buy them from so headed to Amazon:



Is this potentially the answer to making me and my vagina fall in love again?
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