danikabananika (danikabananika) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late period, negative HPT- when should I take another one?

Me again! The girl who's period seems to like to come late all the time now just to make me sweat. Urgh. Day 28 of my cycle was last Monday (the 14th). My cycle is usually 30-31 days long. For the longest time it was always 30 days, but recently it's been anywhere from 28-32. Two cycles ago, my period was super late (ended up coming on day 36). Last month was normal (day 31).

This month I had safe sex twice (used a condom both times), once on Nov. 1st, which would have been my date of ovulation if everything is going according to plan down there. I had sex again at a later date, I think the 12th but I'm not sure. I took a test this past sunday (20 days after the sex in question) and it was negative, but STILL NO PERIOD. It's day 38 of my cycle. How long should I wait to take another test? Should I get a test done at a clinic as opposed to a home pregnancy test? I should probably note that I highly doubt I am pregnant, I had a lot of soy this month and stress due to exams, but it would be nice to know when I should take another test so I can have some peace of mind. Thanks in advance :)
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