netacc (netacc) wrote in vaginapagina,

painful clitoral hood, labia majora, + general pubic region


i don't know how to describe this, but i have this slight pain right near (somewhat within) the clitoral hood. since i haven't been sexually active for an year, i've stopped shaving so it's kinda hard to see with all

when i brush the hair away, it seems to be quite red on the left side. it's not too painful, yet it's uncomfortable when i touch the area, sit, or pull the hair in that region. i've felt for bumps, but i have too much hair that it's hard to really know, lol. well, i haven't really felt anything out of the ordinary. i don't think there's a bump, but i'm not entirely sure.

as of late, i've had similar pain/discomfort on my labia majora. i don't think i felt any bumps when i touched the area, but there was discomfort when i touched some parts. quite frankly, i couldn't pinpoint exactly where the pain was. i couldn't see either because my head doesn't bend that way, and on one hand, i was wondering if it was because of the hair follicles or something. it's really hard to describe, sorry if it's difficult to understand.

in fact, starting a few months ago, i've been feeling pain (sometimes a bit of an itch when i intentionally scratch) when the pubic hair region (and somewhat of the labia majora) in general is touched - a sensation as though the hair is being pulled. it's really not pleasant.

i'm really worried as to what all this could be. could it be an STD? something wrong? something with ingrown hair follicles....? i didn't really have these issues when i shaved regularly. ever since i kept it all natural, the hair has been bothering me a bit and it feels quite sensitive.

please help, thanks so much in advance. :)
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