2:59 am - 11/23/2011

How long after a Pelvic/PAP should the pain continue?

I'm asking because I had the above done yesterday at the local Family Planning clinic and I'm wondering if I got pinched by the speculum or something. I was more uncomfortable than usual yesterday, but I got through class and work all right today. It was after a back rub tonight that the pain started (about a 4 on a 1-10 scale and throbbing). I tried to insert a finger to see what's going on and that was unpleasant. The second finger was worse, and didn't help me figure out what might be going on. :( The pain is centralized at the left side of my vagina (not the vulva, but inside), but I don't notice any blood. It almost feels like I'm bruised, though at the time of the exam I only noticed the usual level of unpleasantness.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What should I do other than take NSAIDS for the pain? Is it worth calling the office and telling them I'm concerned the NP actually hurt me during the exam? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.
helenkacan 24th-Nov-2011 05:59 am (UTC)
Maybe your cervix was so low that the speculum sorta, kinda jabbed it. The NSAIDs couldn't hurt and perhaps sleeping with a couple of pillows against your torso so you don't move too much in your sleep.

Did you also have a pelvic exam (with gloved fingers) while palpating your abdomen? It might be a delayed reaction to that. I know it's easy to forget about the different components of a physical exam, but that makes the most sense to me.

Anyway, I hope you feel better tomorrow.
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