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Generic Yasmin (Syeda) and weight loss = no periods?

Hey VP!
I can really use some help with this. Google is usually my friend but I'm coming up blank.

I was told that Syeda™ (drospirenone 3 mg /ethinyl estradiol 0.03 mg tablets) was the generic equivalent of Yasmin® by my heath insurance three months ago. They lured me into trying it with the $53 copay for three months of pills...

I skipped my first period by going back to back from the Yasmin to the Syeda due to my period falling on my birthday (September) and not wanting to deal with no birthday nooky. The next cycle I waited for my period and it never came so I started my 2nd pack of pills after the 7 day break. Same thing with the 3rd pack - no period at all.

Now, I'm on pack four (and two negative pregnancy tests) and no period since end of Aug.

Should I be concerned about this lack of period?
Honestly, I don't miss it except for the piece of mind of "OMG NOT PREGNANT".

My SO is concerned about possible health effects like build up of uterine lining and infertility. Should I be worried about that?

I am not a fan of the doctors and I've had this happen to me before when switching brands. The fix was to go off of the pills (and deal with condoms) for three months and go back on the Yasmin. This time, the Yasmin is $85 a month and my insurance REFUSES to cover even $20 of the copay. This option does not thrill me.

Any info you all could share would be wonderful! Personal experiences with the Syeda would be awesome to hear about too.

Thank you in advance!!
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