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Vulvadynia Help.

I usually come to this forum when seeking in advice. But today I would like to give some.
I don't know how many of you out there suffer from vulvadynia. But I was in agonizing pain for just about 4 years straight. I went to a slew of different top of the like OBGYN's and tried what seemed like every sort of potential "cure". My depression just seemed to be brewing inside of me because I felt hopeless.
Finally, I found a doctor who was able to write me a recommendation to go see Dr.Willems at the Scripps clinic is San Diego. It took me a minute to get in but it was worth it. You see, Dr.Willems is a vulvadynia specialist. After my first visit he was able to not only confirm that I had vulvadynia but diagnose the specific type I had as "provoked vestibulitis".
I didn't even know there could be different types of vuvladynia. He was able to work out putting me on a small dose of antihistamines, using a small amount of Estrace cream on the affected area and working through Bio-feedback to help my muscles learn to relax. I am proud to say I have been almost two months pain free which is AMAZING for me. I can exercise again, go for runs and walks. Even have sex. Which is pretty remarkable because before it was just too painful.
Anyhow, I hope my story can bring some hope to some of you out there. There are doctors who can help. If your doctor can write a recommendation to go see Dr.Willems and live near the San Diego area. Please go.
My life has changed and I am forever grateful.
Don't give up! Stay strong.
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