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Advice on whether I should be concerned, and how to talk to doctors about cramps

Hi there :)

I'm new on this com with this lj name, although I have posted here in the past with my old (now dead) lj. I found you guys an amazing source of information, and you put my mind at ease and helped me sort out what birthcontrol I wanted to get in the past, so I thought I would come to you again.

Basically, the bane of my existence, especially this week, are period cramps. I get them during my period, but also up to a week before I get my period. I'm 23, have been having my period since I was 11, and I can never remember having a pain-free period. And I can deal with normal-ish period cramps just fine: Tea, ibprofin, snuggling in bed, done. Here's where I'm having an actual problem, especially at the moment:

Since my period started, I've had horrible cramps, but some months they have been worse than others. I remember my first few years of having periods (11-13) I used to be physically sick, pass out, shake, break out in a cold sweat, and generally be immobilized during the first few days of my period. Needless to say I used to be sent home from school a lot, because there wasn't really a lot I could do curled in a ball on the floor sobbing. These then sort of went away until I was about 17, when I remember one specific instance where I actually passed out from the pain, walking to the nurse. Then they sort of sporadically came back, every once in a while I'd have these horrendous, almost contraction-like pains (I felt the need to push to relieve the pain--best way to explain it is like leg-cramp, but very concentrated on where I think my womb is?). I've not had any children, but when I described it to my mum she said it sounded like what her contractions felt like. Anyway, these bouts have been increasing in frequency ever since then--again, some months not turning up, other months "OMFG I WANT TO DIE" pain. Sometimes they turn up a few days (upto 4) before my period, sometimes just on the days I have my period.

I've been getting more worried recently, however, because they've been increasing in frequency quite noticeably. Especially since my implanon started to run out and since it's been renewed (so...around 1 month before I got it renewed to now, which is 3-4 months after it's been renewed). This last week (since Monday) I've been having at least one of these epic cramps a day (they last about 20min and it feels like the longest 20min of my life). But I haven't started my period yet (It has been funky due to starting the implanon again, and I am aware that sometimes I skip periods with the implanon), which seemed a little strange to me, especially since they have been *every* day, and I've never had this happen before.

I should also mention that the cramps (the really bad ones) sometimes kick in after I orgasm around the time of my period. I've had this happen sometimes before, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. It's not after every orgasm, it seems very hit and miss...

Oh, and I don't know if this is relevant but apparently I have a very sensitive cervix. When I've been for STD/STI checks it has always hurt and bought on cramps similar to these (less intense, but sort of like the start to them?). I also can't always have sex in very deep penetrating positions with my current partner because he is quite well endowed, and it just ends up hurting.

I've mentioned to this doctor. Many times. Since I was 11, in fact. Every time I get the same thing:
1) Birth control will help
Actually, the pill didn't help, if I remember correctly, and also made my bipolar disorder flare up. And I tended to forget to take the pill...which I just cannot be dealing with (I do not want any children for a long time, if ever).

2) "Many women might experience mild to moderate pain during their period, take ibprofin"
...which just makes me feel like I'm blowing this out of proportion, but this pain is actually the most painful thing I've ever experienced. More painful than when I popped my ribs out of alignment, more painful than when I broke my toe, and more painful than when I snapped a tendon in my foot.

I've had an ultrasound and apparently "everything's fine, you must just be sensitive".

So here are my questions:

1) Could my implanon be making these cramps worse?

2) Could the cramps be caused by polycystic ovaries or am I being absolutely paranoid, and this is just something that some women have? (My mum suffered from polycystic ovaries, but only after she'd been through a number of pregnancies--she also used to have horrendous period cramps--out for two days--as did my grandma, so maybe I just lost the genetic lottery?) Or could it be something else?

3) Any advice on how to talk to doctors about this? I mean, I have just had it with them saying I'm "sensitive". Even my boyfriend agrees it's getting ridiculous. Is there any sort of medication I could request for it?

4) (This is more just to ease my mind) Has this happened to anyone else, or is this really weird? I'm pretty much 100% I don't have an STI/STD, and I have no other symptoms that suggest I would have an STI/STD, that's why I really don't think that is causing it.

Thank you so much, and sorry for the novel!!!
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