bear1gb (bear1gb) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex and genital warts

Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed with HPV last October. I hadn't been sexually active until this October when I met my now-boyfriend. I was never able to find out which type of HPV I had, but I have mild dysplasia. 

I am going for a follow-up pap smear soon, but I noticed that as my boyfriend and I have been having sex, I am now getting little wart-like things on my vagina. I had these last year, and they went away, but this time, they're getting worse.

Now I've already talked to my boyfriend about getting tested, and we always use protection, even though I know HPV can still be spread with condoms. 

Basically, does sex exasperate genital warts? It's frustrating that guys can't get tested for HPV and I also think my boyfriend has a little genital wart. I am terrified to bring it up even though we've already talked about getting tested, but I just don't really want to be like "Okay, so you have a wart, and I think you're giving them to me or making mine worse". 

Does anyone have any advice? Since being diagnosed, I realize HPV isn't the end of the world, but I do want to be safe and avoid the spread of genital warts.

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