bluetoesocks (bluetoesocks) wrote in vaginapagina,

need help finding stuff in London, UK

hey ya'll
I need help finding/figuring out two things in London (specifically, nearish to King's Cross, so pretty central)

first- I'm polyamorous and now that I've started sleeping with a second person for the first time (yay! :), it's high time I stopped putting off getting a full sexual health checkup.  I'm new to London, and the UK, period, so I'm not entirely sure how the NHS works.  I'm registered at a doctor's office and I can make an appointment any time- should I just do that and go and explain that I want a full sexual health checkup, or is there a special clinic I can go to that someone could recommend? I'm in my late 20s- don't know if that's relevant.

second- Anyone know where I can buy a latex or otherwise non-silicone menstrual cup, locally? I'm quite certain that I have developed a silicone allergy :( it's pretty mild, so I don't get a reaction from toys or anything, but after a few days of using my diva cup, and more recently, moon cup, I get horribly itchy.  I know I could get a cup online but I'd rather just walk into a store and get one. 

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