heartsasmagnets (heartsasmagnets) wrote in vaginapagina,

First Month on Reclipsen - taking inactive pills, but no period yet

I just started Reclipsen on October 24th. My last "natural" period had been Oct. 9th - 14th. I had semi-unprotected sex (condom came off inside me, but he did not come inside me) on the morning of the 29th, which was only 5 pill days in (yes, I'm aware 7 is the requirement for full protection). 

I'm just finishing up my first month. I started inactive pills on Nov 14th and today is my fifth day of inactive pills. I have yet to have ANYTHING resembling a period, but I've had a few cramp-like feelings. When I got the pills, they did explain to me that it is totally possible for periods to be non-existent or off for the first 3 months of pills while my body is adjusting. I'm just a total scaredy-cat (this is my first sexual relationship and we've only had sex like 15 times) and am worried I'm somehow pregnant. This whole 3 months of my body adjusting uncertainty doesn't help that at all.

I should just go buy a test - and I will - I'm just worried about false negatives testing too early. Even at PAST 19 days since that semi-unprotected sex, it's TOTALLY possible that there isn't enough of the pregnancy hormone that HPTs test for in my body yet to test positive.

I barely even know what I'm asking. I'm probably unnecessarily worried, but I guess I'd just like a little support from other people who know things/who've been through it. Thoughts?
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