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Definitely is a yeast infection

Last Tuesday I posted inquiring about itchiness. Well 12 hours later, turned out IT WAS INDEED a yeast infection, and a full blown one like I'd never had before. Discharge, smell, burning sensation, etc.

I got a kit of Canesten in which there is 3 tablets to insert, once a day for 3 days. I did so before going to bed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (last night).

On Wednesday I noticed a peach/pastel orange colored discharge but I figured it was from the medication so I didn't worry much. Last night, the discharged looked more pink, as if there were drops of blood mixed into it. This morning there didn't seem to be anything, but I can feel it being irritated still. I touched while I was in the shower and I could definitely feel the tiniest little bumps at the entrance of my vagina, as if I'd had rough sex all week and hadn't been properly lubricated. But I haven't had sex since last Sunday.

Should I give it another 24 hours to see if the infection is really gone? Or should I head to the clinic at this point? Maybe I need a stronger medication? Or maybe it's something else?

Maybe I'm just worrying a little too much about this. I've just never had one that was "this strong" before. They were always very light and went away within 24 hours...

Thanks so much as usual!!
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