Kat McRantypants (krazykat88) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kat McRantypants

what is going on here?

Last month (end of october) I had spotting when i wiped, a week before my period was supposed to come. It came a week later and lasted for 5 days (which is normal, it lasted from the 4th-9th). Today I noticed a little bit of brown blood in my underpants, and again when I wiped - and my period isn't due for another two and a bit weeks. What an earth is going on??
I'm only asking because my period has been regular since I was 18 (I'm nearly 23) and I've never had spotting before.
(If its relevant - I am sexually active, but I'm not on any hormonal birth control, so its not something like that messing up my cycle)
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