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some womens' health issues, not sure what's going on...

Lately I have been feeling crummy. It started back in August-ish when I started experiencing a persistent lower back ache and I wrote it off as sore muscles, etc. This went on for well over a month when in late September I started having what I felt to be a normal period, perhaps slightly heavier than I usually have, but seemed normal. A day or two later my son gets VERY sick, like, I rushed him to the hospital sick, and we spent a few days there. While in the hospital with him I started experiencing cramping that I would place outside what I would call my 'normal' range. It felt constant, tight, just painful all in my lower abdomen. I took ibuprofen with me in a baggie and used them throughout my stay at the hospital. The day after we were released from the hospital we had returned to do an outpatient day, and I was still experiencing the intense cramping. I suffered through it all day, and when we were released from the clinic around 6, I remarked to my partner that I was NOT feeling hot at all, I felt uncomfortably chilled and he noticed I felt hot and looked pale, and I told him I'd check in at a clinic on the way home.

The clinc visit was a disaster. I listed my symptoms to the physician and he asked me some questions about my lifestyle, looked at me uncomfortably and asked me to pee in a cup. I have no record of my temperature and I told him that I felt this might be a reccurence of PID, I had had some vaguely similar symptoms before when I had my Mirend IUD inserted. I finished a round of antibiotics and seemed fine, for years, but I also felt that I was coming to the end of my IUD's lifespan. The doctor reluctantly prescribed me a short course of Levaquin, for which I was partially relieved, but he told me if my symptoms returned, that I should visit the hospital.

I took the levaquin and within a day or two, I was feeling much better. I did also feel that I was not out of the clear and booked an appointment with the womens' clinic that inserted my IUD, so that I could talk to someone about my issues, and that occured a week post my finishing the course of levaquin, and on that day I did feel like something was Not Right and mentioned so to the nurse, who did give me a full physical and noted I looked red internally and she did palpatate my uterus and I had some pain on the left side.

She prescribed me the appropriate course of antibiotics for PID - 2 weeks of Flagyl and Doxycycline, which I took pretty much without fail, but did not feel well still a week into the antibiotics, and started becoming feverish on day 6, with pain and heat in my back and abdomen. The hospital did not record a fever but I did at home on my aural thermometer. In any case I asked the ER doctor if he would let me get an ultrasound so that I could see if anything was going on in there, and he did send me for a full pelvic ultrasound, transvag and everything.

The physicians in ultrasound found 1 ruptured cyst and another 5cm cyst on my right ovary. They follow up by sending me to the Gyn department, but my appointment is yet to come, it's not until the 28th and I am starting to feel super achy in my back - right side this time, and having malaise. What's weirder is that this past week I'd been having an itchy scalp and going crazy trying to figure out why, and then just as suddenly as the itching started, i started finding weird swellings on my scalp and down my neck, on either side in mirrored spots, which made me wonder if it might be a glandular thing...

anyway, I was just kind of hoping for some input, if anyone had any ideas - I am booked at the doctor tomorrow, but this is a new doctor and I'm nervous, because I'm not even really sure what's happening here.
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