flowersinsand (flowersinsand) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spotting. Implantation or other?

background - Age 25, no b.c., no stds, longtime partner, never pregnant

I have been using the pull-out method as b.c. with the idea that if I get pregnant it would be a blessing.
About 2 days ago I had regular (not rough) intercourse and later that day I experienced what I can only assume was cervical pain( I have only experienced cervical tenderness with a pap). The cervical pain abated after about a day and a half but I was lightly spotting the day after with bright blood and today with darker.
I was ovulating, he did,um, eject in time and he is not one for pre-cum.

So what do you think? Implantation seems to early and he has never really hit my cervix before, even during ovulation.
I would love to be pregnant but sadly I think he may have just bruised my hoo-ha

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