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Drug interaction woes and worries

Hey all yalls!

I have an armload of questions to ask! Sock puppet account is a sock puppet, as I don't want all my friends to know I'm gettin' it on.

First off, I am 20, bipolar and I'm currently on 400mg lamictal and yaz. I know that they interact and that I can't really trust the yaz anymore, which used to be ok, because I wasn't having sex (I take it for terrible periods and associated mood swings). But now I am, and I'm not sure what non-barrier methods are suitable. I'd really prefer not to use a condom, especially since right now STIs aren't an issue. I know there are other barrier methods, but part of me is very afraid of "messing up", failing and ending up pregnant.

I'm worried about going off of yaz, because the last time I switched birth control (to try ortho tri cyclen) I had horrible mood swings and panic attacks. And this summer I was out a pack of yaz, and the aftermath of that wasn't pretty either. I was a total mess. Since I'm currently a college student, I really want to avoid as many mood issues as possible- when my mood swings get bad they are disabling, and I can be nonfunctional for weeks to months if it gets bad. I already had to miss a semester of college due to mood problems, and I don't want to do that again.

I was considering getting a paraguard (can't mess that up), since even if my relationship doesn't last for the very long term I know I do not want to have kids for at least the next 10 years.  But is it possible to take birth control pills at the same time, especially if mood is the main concern?

Obviously I'm going to be talking to my doctors about all this, I'm just looking for some advice and ancedata first! 

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