eatswithfork (eatswithfork) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condom woes

So long story short: I'm pregnant and my husband has cancer and is getting romidepsin which is not exactly a chemotherapy but the doctors are still telling us that, like with chemo, we have to use condoms lest he... Ahem...administer the medicine to me. Needless to say I'm not looking forward to going back to condoms especially since we don't even need birth control or STI prevention but alas I'd appreciate some advise. I'm weary of lube ingredients on lubricated condoms (I scour ingredients on everything I buy and I'm positive I wouldn't be happy with what's in it) and I'd love to keep using coconut oil as lube BUT I know it doesn't play nicely w latex even if I got unlubricated condoms. I also try to avoid plastic, especially plastic in/on my body because needless to say I'm petrified of its potential carcinogenic effects (imho) so I don't want to use the poly-whatever condoms and also I'm a vegetarian so lambskins are off the table. That leaves me pretty much clueless for options. Does anyone either know of a lubricated latex brand of condoms that a) discloses the ingredients in the lube and b) they are not nasty OR know if the oil/latex combo is safe for the medicine-blocking purposes I need it for?
Thanks, everyone.
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