a e i own u (theprohibition) wrote in vaginapagina,
a e i own u

STI Testing

After doing a speech on sexual education (even though I should have brought it up before, which I realize), I got to thinking about testing for STIs.  I have been tested recently, before I got into a long-term relationship with my current significant other, but I did not ask her to reciprocate.  However, I did the other night and she basically told me to fuck off.

Now, I know this is a cause for concern.  When I pressed the issue, she said if I had asked a while ago, it would not have been a problem.  I just don't see why it would be now at all, or at any point, in the relationship.

Basically, I was wondering what I could say in order to get her to do it since I can't physically MAKE her. I'm not really suspicious, but by her declining to do so, it makes me suspicious.

Edit: to say that I am not really familiar with how any of this works at ALL and this is my first sexual relationship.
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